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How Energy Storage Solutions Can Optimize Your Commercial Property's Energy Usage and Reduce Operating Costs

As Arizona business leaders continue to search for ways to optimize their commercial property's energy usage and reduce operating costs, energy storage solutions have emerged as a critical component of a comprehensive energy management strategy. Below, we will explore the benefits of commercial and industrial energy storage solutions, including how they can help your business navigate the changing landscape of utility regulations and demand charges.

What are Commercial or Industrial Solar Energy Storage Solutions?

Solar energy storage solutions are systems that store surplus energy generated from solar panels, allowing businesses to use that power when needed most. These systems contribute to a more sustainable energy future and offer significant financial benefits for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs.

The Financial Benefits of Energy Storage Solutions

In recent years, most Arizona utilities have retired their net metering policy, meaning utilities must now use a net billing program instead. Under net billing, excess solar energy generated by a solar panel system is credited at an excess generation credit rate, which is lower than the retail rate of electricity. This policy change has made energy storage solutions even more critical for businesses seeking to maximize their return on investment in renewable energy.

By installing an energy storage solution, your business can store the surplus energy generated by your solar panels and use it during peak demand periods, effectively promoting financially advantageous energy self-consumption. This allows you to avoid selling excess power back to the utilities at unfavorable rates, which can significantly improve your bottom line.

Reducing Demand Charges with Energy Storage Solutions

Demand charges are fees imposed by utilities based on the peak energy usage of a commercial property during a billing period. As these charges continue to increase, energy storage solutions have become an effective way for businesses to mitigate their impact on overall operating costs.

By storing energy during periods of low demand and utilizing it during peak periods, energy storage solutions can help reduce your property's peak energy usage and, consequently, the demand charges on your utility bill.

Resilience and Backup Power

Energy storage solutions provide a reliable power source for businesses when grid power is unavailable, ensuring continuous operations and reducing the risk of costly downtime.

Investing in Energy Storage Solutions with the ITC

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) currently includes energy storage, making now the ideal time to equip your facility with solar power and a storage solution. By taking advantage of this tax incentive, you can further improve the financial benefits of implementing an energy storage system at your commercial property.

Solar Energy Storage Systems in Arizona

Energy storage solutions offer Arizona business leaders a powerful tool for optimizing their commercial property's energy usage and reducing operating costs. By investing in these systems, businesses can navigate the challenges of utility regulations, reduce demand charges, and ensure a more sustainable and resilient energy future. At Commercial Solar Arizona, it's our mission to provide our commercial and industrial customers with the highest quality turn-key solar products available.

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