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Roof-Mount Solar Panels to Power Your Business in Arizona

Commercial Solar Arizona installs and services rooftop solar modules for a variety of commercial and industrial properties. Our expertise can help you reach your company’s goals for sustainability and cost reduction with efficient roof-mount solar arrays that are customized to suit the needs of your commercial or industrial property. When you install rooftop solar modules, you can reduce operating costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and reduce your dependence on your utility.

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Is Roof Top Solar the Right Choice for Your Business?

Like many types of solar modules, roof-mount solar arrays provide your commercial or industrial property with clean, renewable energy collected from Arizona’s abundant sun exposure. Rooftop solar also comes with its own benefits that could be a perfect fit for your business. Consult with our experienced solar professionals today to see if rooftop solar is the right solution to your unique energy needs. We offer multiple rooftop solar options, including ballasted, non-penetrating systems (≈ 4-7 PSF) and fully attached and penetrating systems (≈ 2-4 PSF).

Roof Top Solar Modules May Be a Good Fit for Your Commercial or Industrial Property If:

  • You have limited ground space for solar panels
  • You want to reduce your operating costs
  • You want to seamlessly incorporate solar panels into the existing structures of your commercial or industrial property
  • You want to maintain the current exterior look of your property
  • You want an easy, convenient way to make your business more environmentally friendly

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As a self-performing & turn-key solar installer, Commercial Solar Arizona provides all the products and services your business needs to switch to renewable solar energy. Our expert team will handle every part of the installation process from start to finish, including roof inspections, structural engineering, array designs, utility interconnection, and warranty repairs. Commercial Solar Arizona assures every customer that they will receive customized, expertly designed, and professionally installed rooftop solar arrays that their commercial or industrial property can count on for decades to come.

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