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How Solar Energy Can Improve Employee Retention

The Tough Job of Keeping Employees Happy

Employee retention is a factor that matters to every business. Did you know, however, that how you implement solar energy at your workplace can actually improve employee retention? Keep reading to learn ways to implement solar and ultimately improve both employee retention and your overall workplace.

Why Solar Energy?

Why is solar energy a good option for improving employee retention? There are several reasons why implementing solar parking canopies and solar energy can improve employee retention. Here are a few:

  • They show employees that the company cares about the environment and wants to do its part to reduce its carbon footprint.

  • They show employees that the company is innovative and forward-thinking.

  • They improve the company's image in the community and help it stand out from its competitors.

  • They provide employees with a comfortable, shaded place to park their cars during hot summer days.

  • They offer employees an opportunity to learn about solar energy and how it works.

  • They provide employees with a sense of pride in their workplace.

If you're looking to improve employee retention, consider adding solar energy production to your operation. It is a great way to use clean & sustainable energy and has many benefits that can help improve your company's image and bottom line.

Using Solar Carports

When you think of solar energy, you may think of roof top solar installations. While this is certainly one way to produce solar energy, there are other options. Solar carports are a great way to produce solar energy and can improve employee retention.

What are solar carports? Solar carports are structures that cover parking spaces and have solar panels installed on them. They will off-set the energy used by your facility and make a very public statement about your committment to your employees and customers. 

Adding Shade Structures

Shade structures are another great way to produce solar energy and can improve employee retention. What are shade structures? Shade structures provide shade from the sun, such as awnings, umbrellas, and pergolas. They can be used to provide shade over sidewalks, opens space, and dog walks.  Your employees and customers will appreciate the shade you provide while you enjoy reduced energy bills.

The Savings Solar Offers Improve Profitability

Producting solar energy is a great way to improve employee retention, but there are other reasons to use it. Solar energy can also save your business money, improving its profitability.

How does solar energy save businesses money? There are several ways:

  • Solar energy reduces a business's dependence on traditional, carbon based, energy sources, such as coal and oil, which can be increasingly expensive, dirty and unreliable during times of conflict.

  • Solar panels require little maintenance, which saves businesses money.

  • Solar energy systems are becoming increasingly more efficient, which means businesses can save more money on their energy bills.

  • Solar energy systems can be used to generate electricity, heat water, and more, which reduces a business's dependence on traditional forms of energy.

  • Significant state and federal tax incentives are available for businesses that install solar energy systems.  These typically save our clients hundreds of thousands...even many millions of dollars.  These typically are 50% to 70% of the gross cost of the system.

Solar energy is an excellent way for businesses to save money and improve profitability. If you're looking for a way to reduce your business's expenses, consider using solar energy.

Call the Solar Professionals to Start Saving and Improving Your Workplace

Solar energy might sound like an unexpected way to improve employee retention, but the benefits of switching to solar are clear. Not only does using various solar structures display care for your employees, but using solar energy can also provide your company with significant financial benefits. If you're ready to switch to solar, call the team at Commercial Solar Arizona today! Our team is prepared to help you transition your workplace to solar energy.

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