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Three Ways to Incorporate Shade with Solar Panels on Your Commercial Property in Arizona

The sun is a powerful resource, especially in the sunny state of Arizona. It's no surprise that more and more commercial and industrial properties are harnessing the power of solar energy. But did you know that your solar installation can do more than just generate electricity? It can also provide much-needed shade for your property, enhancing comfort and reducing energy spent on cooling. In this blog post, we'll explore three innovative ways to incorporate shade with solar panels on your commercial or industrial property.

Solar Carports: Dual-Purpose Structures

Solar carports are an excellent way to make use of the large, often underutilized space in your parking lot. These structures provide shade for vehicles, reducing the heat absorbed and thus the need for air conditioning, and they also support solar panels that function as their decks. This dual-functionality makes solar carports a smart investment. They protect vehicles from the harsh Arizona sun while simultaneously generating clean, renewable energy to power your business operations.  The tax credits apply to the carports as well!

Solar Parking Garage Canopies: Maximizing Space and Efficiency

Similar to solar carports, solar parking garage canopies offer a double benefit. They provide shade for the top level of parking garages, protecting cars and pedestrians from the sun and turning an underutilized space into a productive one. The rooftop of your parking garage becomes a mini power plant, producing electricity to offset your energy costs. With a solar parking garage canopy, you can maximize the use of your property while reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Solar Shade Structures: Aesthetics Meet Functionality

Lastly, solar shade structures like pergolas, awnings, and gazebos can be fitted with solar panels, providing both shade and energy production. These structures can be installed in outdoor seating areas, walkways, or anywhere else where shade is beneficial. Not only do they enhance the value of your property, but they also contribute to your energy efficiency goals.  In many cases, these areas become more usable by your employees/customers when previously they were harsh and avoided due to extreme heat and sunlight.

The Benefits of Combining Solar Panels with Shade Structures

There are several benefits to integrating solar panels with shade structures. First, these installations offer protection from the sun, improving comfort for employees, customers, or tenants. This shade can also reduce your cooling costs when installed strategically, as less sunlight hitting your windows and walls means less heat to remove.

Second, these structures provide a dedicated space for your solar panels. Instead of using up real estate on your rooftop or the ground, you can utilize areas that would otherwise go unused.

Third, these installations make a statement about your commitment to sustainability. They're visible reminders of your investment in renewable energy, which can enhance your brand image and align with the growing consumer demand for businesses to be more environmentally responsible.

Choose Commercial Solar Arizona for Your Solar Installation

When it comes to integrating solar panels with shade structures, Commercial Solar Arizona is the premier choice. We have years of experience providing customized solar solutions for commercial and industrial properties. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring that your installation meets your specific needs and maximizes your return on investment.

Harness the power of the sun and provide much-needed shade for your property with Commercial Solar Arizona. Contact us today to learn how our solar solutions can benefit your business.