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Commercial Solar Carports Have Financial and Environmental Advantages

Are you envisioning solar panels in your facility's future? It's time to think beyond rooftops—and look at where you park. Installing solar carports on a commercial property can be a wise investment. Not only are these solar systems relatively simple for Commercial Solar Arizona to install, but they also come with financial benefits and environmental advantages.

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Reduced Energy Costs—Plus, Eligibility for New, Higher Solar Tax Incentives

The financial advantages of investing in solar energy are clear: solar installations can drastically reduce electric bills. Over time, solar energy can save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs. Additionally, most businesses will qualify for solar tax incentives & depreciation, further lowering the cost of installation and improving the return on investment.

Happier, More Comfortable Customers and Employees

In Arizona, a shaded car can make a world of difference during scorching summers. Solar carports can provide protection from the sun's rays, helping to keep customers and employees comfortable. During events, solar carports may even be used as an extension of the facility—allowing for a larger outdoor space that is shaded from the sun.

Increased Property Value

Installing solar carports on a commercial property can increase its value. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, and solar carports are seen as an attractive amenity. Plus, the electricity generated by these solar systems can help offset the cost of increasing electricity rates over time—thus increasing the long-term value of your commercial property.

Ability to Be Built In Areas That Are Already Developed

Installing solar carports won't affect the surrounding flora and fauna (except trees over 9’). Why? These structures are built over existing, already-developed land. Therefore, you won't need to purchase and develop additional land for a solar array, which could have an environmental impact on plants and animals living there.

Plus, solar carports won't negatively impact your property's aesthetics either—these solar systems can be designed to meet the look and feel of your facility.

Clean Energy with Long-Term Positive Impact

The environmental advantages are equally impressive: solar carports reduce emissions and conserve energy. When solar energy is used to generate electricity, it reduces the need for utilities to burn fossil fuels. This helps preserve our environment for future generations by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing pollutants in the air.

Additional Advantages of Solar Carports

It's no surprise solar carports are increasingly popular among commercial & industrial properties. These solar systems not only offer financial benefits and help reduce emissions, but they also come with a host of additional advantages, such as:

  • Increased security through simple motion or light sensors, & cameras, which can be installed on the structures
  • Durability to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Attractive design options—ideal for office parks, factories, multi-family homes, shopping centers, and many other businesses

By taking the lead in solar energy, you can save money on your electricity bills and gain the respect of customers and employees. Investing in solar carports offers a brighter future for your business—and our planet.

Commercial and Industrial Solar Carports in Arizona

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