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These 2 Companies Are Leading the Way in “Going Solar” in Arizona

As businesses with locations in Arizona look to go green, some leading companies have set a high standard of sustainability by “going solar.” Intel & Apple are both setting shining examples for corporate success stories demonstrating the potential savings and environmental impact of shifting to renewable energy options. We'll explore each company's journey into renewable energy and discuss how other businesses can also benefit.

Introducing Intel & Apple - 2 Companies Paving the Way for Solar Energy in Arizona

It’s never been clearer – Intel & Apple are setting an incredible example for what’s possible when investing in renewable energy solutions here in Arizona.

For those who may not know:

  • Intel (founded in 1968) is best known for its computer chips and processors and is a leader in workplace sustainability initiatives.
  • Apple (founded in 1976) is equally, if not better, known for its innovative approach to technology. Its Environment webpage proclaims, "We’ve been carbon neutral since 2020. By 2030, all our products will be too."

Exploring Intel's 129 MW East Line Solar Project - The Largest Corporate Project in Arizona

Intel's 129 MW East Line Solar project in Coolidge is a remarkable accomplishment for the company, solidifying its commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. In terms of its size, this project is the largest solar corporate project in all of Arizona, according to SEIA.

To provide an idea of just how big of a project this is, picture this: Intel's 129 MW East Line Solar project has the electric capacity to power over 20,486 homes. All in all, Intel's milestone solar project will provide an immense amount of clean energy for years and years to come.

How Apple is Incorporating Solar Power Into Their Business Practices

Apple is spearheading the transformation towards sustainable energy sources, becoming one of the most recent major companies to embrace solar energy in Arizona.

Apple recently opened its Mesa, Arizona facility and set a goal to be powered by 100% renewable energy. To offset the electricity used in the Mesa data center, Apple Inc. constructed a 300-acre solar power plant in Florence. Additionally, Apple recently invested in an 83-megawatt installation near Yuma.

Types of Solar Installations That Can Benefit Commercial Properties

While these large-scale projects may seem intimidating and out-of-reach for many Arizona business leaders, incorporating solar energy into a company’s future is, in fact, very attainable. Projects can include any of the following (and more):

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